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Every year, we produce a range of Semester One and Two examinations for Western Australian schools to use to assess their students learning. Past exams and a range of practice papers with marking keys for the new Senior Australian Curriculum ATAR Units 1 to 4 courses are now available for purchase by individuals for personal use.

All math exams have two sections. Section One is calculator free, weighted at 35% and typically has about 7 or 8 questions totalling close to 50 marks to be answered in 50 minutes. Section Two, weighted at 65% and typically between 10 and 12 questions totalling around 100 marks to be answered in 100 minutes, assumes use of a CAS calculator.

English and Literature exams are all 3 hours long. English exams comprise three sections, with candidates answering two (three, prior to 2023) compulsory questions in Comprehending (30%), and a single question from several choices in both the Responding (40%) and Composing (30%) sections. Literature exams have two sections, with a single Close Reading in Section One (30%) and a choice of two from ten questions in the Extended Response Section Two (70%).

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How are exams supplied?

Past papers and marking keys are supplied in ready to print pdf format, usually within 24 hours of you placing an order and us receiving your payment. We will email you a password as soon as your order is ready so that you can login and download your papers.

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From as low as $2.95 per paper, including the marking scheme. Go to our individual use cost calculator, select your papers and our system will show you the best pricing for your order.

ATAR subjects available

Mathematics Applications, Mathematics Methods, Mathematics Specialist, English and Literature

Exam features include

ATAR style - all our exams meet SCSA exam briefs and guidelines. Ready to print - examination papers and marking keys are supplied in electronic format as pdf documents. Quantity discount - up to 25% discount, depending on number of papers ordered.

2023 ATAR exam docs available from SCSA


Free resources

Year 12 Applications Units 3&4 Graph Theory Notes , Guide to the Hungarian Algorithm and Dummy Edges in Project Networks .


Math formula sheets for
Yr11 Applications
Yr11 Methods
Yr11 Specialist


Sample pages from one of our
Math or English papers.

Can anyone buy practice papers?

Yes - so long as you are an individual who plans to use the practice papers for your own personal revision. As set out in our Terms of Sale, they are for the sole private use of the person named on the cover and it is forbidden to distribute them in whole or part in any form to any other person.

In particular, tutors and revision seminar presenters cannot buy copies of our practice papers to use with their students or in their seminars.

Terms of Sale

All individual purchasers should take time to read and familiarise themselves with our Terms of Sale.

Examinations and their marking keys purchased from us contain both visible and hidden unique identification markers that allow us to trace the original purchaser in cases of copyright infringement.

Feedback on our papers

Your papers are fantastic. Nice well-worded questions with lots of challenges at different levels. We are very impressed.
We are very appreciative of the standard and quality of your suite of papers.
Really sorted out our students and validated our standards.
I was very impressed with the level of rigour and in particular, the amount of higher-order thinking in them.
Thank you for setting and producing such excellent exam papers.
I'm pleased to tell you your papers are held in high regard by many HOLA's.
The questions were well graded and a good coverage of the course. I also liked the balance of calculator and non-calculator questions.

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