WAEP Rewards Program

The objective of our new Rewards Program is to eliminate typos, errors, or other issues from our Semester Papers. Schools that opt into the program when placing an online order will be granted early access to their papers, and within the program dates, teachers are encouraged to report issues to us for a monetary reward.

It is not a competition, but rather an experimental and discretionary rewards program aimed at eliminating errors from our papers before the bulk of schools download them. Participants should understand that we can cancel the program at any time and the decision as to whether to pay a reward is entirely at our discretion.

Program dates for 2024

The Semester One program opens on Monday 26 Feb, with early access to papers from that day, and closes Thursday 7 Mar at 11:59 pm AWST. This period includes the mid-term WA Labour Day long weekend.

The Semester Two program opens on Monday 8 Jul, with early access to papers from that day, and closes Thursday 18 Jul at 11:59 pm AWST. This period includes the last week of the mid-year holidays.

Within one week of the program closing for a semester, participating schools will be resupplied with a fresh, updated set of papers.

Reward categories

Aquestion does not make sense/cannot be answered as it stands, and a diagram edit is required$160
Bas for category A, but no diagram involved$120
Csolution requires reworking$80
Dminor edit to correct a question and/or a solution$40

Examples of issues eligible for a reward

  • Cat A · A scatterplot shown in a question has mis-plotted points.
  • Cat B · A recursive rule such as Tn = Tn + 3, where the first Tn should be Tn+1.
  • Cat C · An incorrect value is used in a solution, resulting in an incorrect solution.
  • Cat D · An incorrect value appears in an otherwise correct solution, or a question contains a spelling mistake, grammatical error, misplaced word, etc.

Examples of issues not eligible for a reward

  • An alternative method to solve a question (unless clearly more elegant, suggesting that an adjustment to the mark allocation for that question is required).
  • An opinion that part of a question does not fall within the syllabus guidelines.

How to claim a reward

Send an email describing the issue you have found to . Be sure to include the exam name and unit, question number, the name of your school and your name. Please do not attach copies or screen shots of our papers or solutions as doing so will breach our Terms of Sale and invalidate any claim to a reward.


Q : What if somebody else finds the same typo, error, or issue?
A: First in, best dressed. You will only qualify for a monetary reward if you were the first person to alert us to a previously unknown error. However, we will send you an official acknowledgement of your report, which you may use later to benefit your career.

Q : What if we only want to join the program for one of the exams we have ordered?
A: That's fine. All the papers in your order will be in your early access download - just ignore or delete those that no-one wants to work through.

Q : My employer doesn't want our school to be involved in the program. How can I take part?
A: You cannot. Your Head of Department must agree to take part in the program when ordering our papers and download a set of exams once the early access period opens.

Q : When will I receive my reward?
A: We will acknowledge all reports and request bank details of teachers who qualify for a reward so that Semester One and Two rewards can be paid before the end of March and July respectively.

Download summary info

Download a pdf document with summary information about this Rewards Program .

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