ATAR Literature Prescribed Text List Search

Literature has prescribed text lists on the SCSA course page. To quickly check that your text is on these lists, we've created a searchable list of all poetry, drama, novels and short story authors and titles from both SCSA documents with enhancements to make searching a breeze - fingers crossed you find your text here!

Search Tips

  1. When searching for an author, just use a few characters from first or last name.
  2. When searching for a title, skip words like 'a', 'the' and 'to' at the start and look for keywords within the title.
  3. Check common misspellings of authors and titles.
  4. Type slowly to allow time for search results to appear and mouse over or tap on a result for more information.

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We endeavour to keep this page up to date so that search results are as accurate as possible. However, the results of any search using this page should not be relied upon by schools or students - always check that you can find any text you plan to use in the WACE ATAR examination in the lists found on the actual SCSA course page.